The Dos And Don’ts Of Kite Flying

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Kite flying is really exciting and funny, but sometimes rather dangerous if we ignore the potential risks. Are you clear about what can we do and what we can not do when you fly kite? Thus, learning how to fly a kite correctly is of great importance. We really hope this article can help you a little.


  • Pick a Suitable Kite
If you are a beginner kite flyer, you’d better to choose a single-line delta kite for your first try. Compared with dual-line kite as well as power kite, single-line kite is much easier to operate. Among this, delta kite is the simplest one. If you still don’t know how to choose, you can try any of our delta kite:


  • Choose the Right Place
Kite likes open and wide space, just like beach or mountain hill, open park. Never fly in crowded area full of people because it causes danger to others. If your chosen space is around trees, be careful of the possibility of getting stuck in trees. Then choosing kite store with warranty is a must. Mint’s Colorful Life offers 1 year warranty for every kite in our shop. We can send new replacement for you once you registered your order ID after purchase.
  • Wind

Wind is another important factor we should consider. But pls keep in mind that too heavy wind may do harm to us. For most of kites, wind range 5-20 mph is ok. Kite flying is rather dangerous under heavy wind condition. Do you know the reason?

Firstly, it’s hard to control your kite in strong wind. The pulling force is stronger than usual, so you may find it’s too difficult to grip the handle or reel winder, especially rewinding.

 Another danger is kite line, it’s really strong and sharp under big wind. Remember to wear gloves when you fly kite and never drag the line with your hand. We have seen too many injuries caused by this, so we really hope every kite operator can protect himself properly.


  • Other precautions
  1. Never fly kite under rainstorm or other extreme weather.
  2. Never let kid under 3 years to fly kite without any accompany of adults.

Safety is the most important thing for us, we really hope you can enjoy your kite flying instead of turning to any kind of hurt or nightmare.

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